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Blue Apron meal delivery service. I'm trying it!

July 13th, 2016 at 09:01 am

My sister gave me a $25 code for Blue Apron so I thought I'd try it out. When I typed in the referral link it gave me $30 to use instead of the $25. YAY!

I just ordered. I selected the 2 person 3 meal delivery for $59.94 and I paid $29.94.

The meals are delivered weekly so that is the weekly price. I went ahead and skipped all of the deliveries until end of August. I am only trying out the program and will cancel after the first delivery which arrives on Friday, July 22nd.

Meal #1
Serrano pepper & goat cheese burgers w/ zucchini-cilantro slaw

Meal #2
Lemon chicken & green beans w/ parmesan roasted summer squash and potatoes

Meal #3
Shrimp & squid ink spaghetti with summer vegetables and mint

New Car Alert

July 13th, 2016 at 07:24 am

Here is a picture of my 'new to me' car!

It is a 2013 Honda Civic with 25K miles.
I purchased it for $11,500.

The best part is that I have no car payments. Thanks to the Dave Ramsey plan! Woo hoo

My Prime Day Haul

July 13th, 2016 at 06:48 am

Instapot $25.06 after I used a $50 gift card I was holding on to from Admin Day.

Three months of Audible FREE plus a FREE $10 Amazon gift card. I will cancel after three months so that I do not incur any membership fees. I loaded a book yesterday and I am enjoying it very much on my long commute to/from work.

I rolled that FREE $10 gift card and bought 36 double rolls of Cottonelle toilet paper and paid $4.69

80ct Hefty clean burst scent trash bags $9.55

TWO pairs of Adidas tennis shoes for $48.26 total

120 count multivitamins for kids $5.77

Box of tampons $1.90

$50 Amazon gift card and get $10 Amazon gift card FREE. (I used this Amazon card for the vitamins and tampons. I wish I had received it sooner to put other things on it but that is okay).

Everything will be shipped to my house!! Oh! On a few items I selected the 'no hurry' for delivery in exchange for $5 Amazon Prime Pantry credit.