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Weight Watchers Week 2 and other updates

July 7th, 2015 at 02:13 pm

My weigh in today didn't go as planned but I'm not upset. I'm up .6lbs. Seriously! A half a pound! I think its because of my clothes or atleast that is what I'm telling myself. I did the points. I exercised so I don't see why I didn't get a loss. Maybe the scale was off. LOL!

In looking at my Fitbit weekly report my average hours asleep a night is 8. I'm glad about that. I do need to increase my daily steps though!

I have $129.50 pending with Ebates right now. My next check will be here August 15th.

I've also received $5 Kohls cash and $5 Famous Footwear. I have a 15% off and there is a b1g1 50% off at Famous Footwear. I wonder if I can combine everything. hmm! Well I'm going to swing by after work today and see what I can get. I don't have a coupon to use with the Kohls cash. Last time I got 3 pair of Asset by Spanxs briefs that suck in my gut!

DD2 and I went to the library last night. I picked up an audio book by Amanda Berry and Gina Dejesus. The girls who were abducted in Cleveland and held for years. I also picked up two travel books one from Lonely Planet and there other I think is Fodors on China and the United Arab Emirates so I can do some research.

Other than going to a bakery the girls and I have not been eating out. At work they do cater in on Thursdays now and sometimes for meetings on other days.

I get paid this Friday and will take inventory and make a menu plan and try to use all that we still have. I really stocked up the last time I went to the store.

That's pretty much all that I have going on right now.

Five Year Anniversary at Work

May 19th, 2015 at 01:46 pm

This month I celebrate my five year anniversary. It's not really a celebration but I'm happy that I have stuck around through the good times and the hard ones.

There are several oil and gas companies here in Houston, Texas that are having layoffs. I am very thankful to have my job!

I have great benefits. If I need to take off for any reason I can without feeling pressured or having guilt. The thing that I like most is that I work half day Fridays and on that day I am able to wait at the bus stop for DD2. It makes the daily long commute worth it.

Another promotion for DD1!

April 1st, 2015 at 11:17 am

I am very excited! DD1 has been promoted from team leader to assistant manager at Chick-Fil-A. She has been with this location since the store opened. They are ranked #9 in the top producing stores in the US.

When she first started working there she was making $7.50/hr. now she is at $10/hr. Did I mention she's been there ten months?

When she was approached with the idea of being an assistant manager she was told that she would need to work more hours. She currently works 5 days a week and is just a tad bit over 40hrs a week. She went back to them and told them that because of her college courses she would need to keep the same schedule. After that she thought that they might not promote her but they did! =)

Ebates Check $42.08

August 6th, 2014 at 11:37 am

Looks like I will be getting back $42.08 from Ebates this quarter. The check will be cut on August 8th. This just goes to show how small amounts can add up!

06/30/2014 L.L.Bean $0.20
06/17/2014 Hotels.com $6.14
06/17/2014 Hertz $1.12
05/30/2014 Hotels.com $5.82
05/30/2014 Hotels.com $5.49
05/21/2014 Avis 3.88
05/14/2014 Avis $2.46
05/14/2014 Hotels.com $5.82
05/13/2014 Hotels.com $5.33
05/13/2014 Hotels.com $5.82
Total: $42.08

Sorry For The High Maintenance Request

July 11th, 2014 at 05:18 am

I have one Vice President that I support that is making me uncomfortable. Every once in awhile he will ask me to grab him a soda.

Tuesday he emailed me saying "Could I trouble you for a Diet DP? Sorry for the high maintenance request." I went and got one for him and placed it on his desk. No thank you.

Yesterday he pulled the same thing. He had a meeting and walked right passed the kitchen then sent me a text.

This Vice President knows that it bothers me because 'once' I told him.

Yesterday after he sent that I was not happy. Over something so petty! It made me feel belittled. Never do I ask him to grab me a soda.

If the President that I support knew of this he would not like it one bit. I wouldn't dare say anything either.

Back to yesterday. I ignored it. He came out of his meeting looking mad. He was walking fast and didn't speak to me the rest of the day. I felt uncomfortable because I sit in front of his office. I really shouldn't care but I'm wondering if I'm going to feel his wrath some way or another.

Todays to do list

June 24th, 2014 at 09:47 am

For Tuesday...

1)Entered Coke Rewards that I got from 12pks here at work that I found in the trash.
Need 254pts to be able to get the AMC movie reward.
Which is 2 movie tickets and 2 drinks.
2)Drop/pick up library books (on way to gym).
3)Read 4 chapters of my library book.
4)Drink 85oz of water.
5)Track food for today and enter dinner for last night.
6)Walk 3 miles on treadmill w/DD1.
7)Restorative yoga tonight 8:30pm at gym w/DD1.
8)Adjust budget for this Friday payday.
9)Physical appearance today-I’m wearing a dress.

I had a great evening last night other than there was a dead armadillo in the street by my drive way!

DD1 and I both arrived home at the same time. She worked an hour later because they were short staffed. Her feet hurt pretty badly. She will be buying some insoles for her work shoes. Chick Fil A is pretty particular in what they wear. She had to take out her earrings because they are not pearls. She also had to tuck her bangs in under her hat. With her short hair cut she thinks she looks like a boy. Adding pearl earrings to her list of things to get as well.

She went to return the neighbor’s house key and get paid.
The agreement was $40 plus extra for watering their plants. She got $55! That was very generous of them. She watched the dog Thursday evening thru Monday morning. The dog bowl had mold in it so she went ahead and cleaned it and gave the dog a bath.

Last night we went for a walk to the front of the neighborhood and back two miles. Then had dinner and after we watched a movie. I really enjoy the one on one time with her.

We both were up today at 4:30am getting ready for work. Today catered lunch is being brought in at work. It’s Mexican! I’m going to stick to my salad and snack pack and only get one slice of a veggie quesadilla and some guacamole.

Oh! DD1 quit her second job at Subway. She felt that she wasn’t being treated fairly. The manager had her doing things as soon as she walked in and ten minutes had passed before she got a chance to clock in. During her shift the manager and the manager’s bff were working. They had her cut onions, clean the lobby, take out the trash and clean the restrooms. Dominos pizza is next door brought over a cancelled pizza. She said that they didn’t offer her any at the time and they ate the pizza. She went to her lunch box and was going to eat what she brought and the manager told her to do the dishes then she can eat. So she did. Then, they offered her two squares. The pizza wasn’t cut like a pie and she said that was all that was left so she ate it! They speak another language and she feels like they talk about her but she really enjoys working with the guys for the evening shift. We talked and she decided that the two jobs was just too much at this time and that not feeling comfortable wasn’t worth it.

Meeting w/Recruiter and Refinance

October 30th, 2013 at 08:26 am

Last Friday I closed on my refinance for my house. I got a 3.25% rate on a 15yr fixed conventional loan. I've been playing with my spreadsheet and I am aiming to have it paid off before I'm 40yrs old. This is my last debt!

Yesterday, I got a call from a recruiter that I've worked with in the past. The position that she mentioned to me was an Executive Assistant to the CEO and Chairman of the Board for a natural gas midstream company. It's a small and privately owned company here in Downtown Houston. I'd really like something closer to home and she knows this but she did sweeten the deal by saying that they are paying 20% more than what I currently make.

After talking to her I emailed her my updated resume and testing scores. She replied saying that she now has two jobs for me and that we will discuss further today when I meet with her during the lunch hour.

Wish me luck!

Request from my boss to sign closing docs

August 28th, 2013 at 08:38 am

One of my VP's asked me to do him a favor this morning. He is going out of town on Friday and won't be back until Wednesday for the Labor Day holiday. I am taking a vacation day but I will be in town.

He asked if he could sign over power of attorney to me so that I can sign for a rental townhouse that he is purchasing in River Oaks. That's a very affluent neighborhood here in Houston.


DD1's Recent Jobs

July 11th, 2013 at 05:47 am

The last week of June I mentioned that DD1 got a job walking the neighbors dog. She walked the dog for 7 days, an hour a day and got $20. The dogs are now staying with family members because the neighbors have their house up for sale.

We had another neighbor call last minute while they were out of town. A family member that they had watching their dog had to go out of town. My daughter kept that dog at our house from Sunday night to Wednesday afternoon (yesterday). The family will be back in town today and she will get paid. We do not know how much she will be paid.

Back to the neighbor that she was dog walking for. They are going out of town as asked DD1 last night if she could water their yard for a week and they would pay her $100. She jumped on it! Then she got a text msg later saying that comes with her keeping their bird and the ladies husband forgot to mention it. I told DD1 that I was okay with the bird staying with us.

I am very excited that she has got these 3 jobs within the past two weeks. We are learning as we go! When she is asked to do something she'll need to run it by me first then go back to the person with finer details and letting them know how much she will charge for the job instead of just accepting whatever the person is willing to pay.

I found out that a dog walker in our area makes $1 to $1.50 a minute and they normally only walk the dog for 30minutes because it is so hot outside. I would rather her run over to the persons house two-three times a day instead of the animal staying at my house.

I'm going sit down with her tonight and make some business cards on Vistaprint!

Taking Advantage of Free Food!

July 9th, 2013 at 10:42 am

Yesterday at the office I had a meeting catered and not everyone ate. The meeting was pretty intense I'm guessing! I ordered salads. I had one for lunch and brought some home for DD1 and I to have for dinner. DD2 is with her dad.

Today, we had our weekly catered lunch. Salmon, rice pilaf, mixed veggies, bread roll and there were two cake choices. Italian creme and German Chocolate! I had a small plate, not really hungry.

Job Offer

July 1st, 2013 at 08:17 am

On Friday I received an offer from the interview that I had last week. I told the HR lady where I was at pay wise before going on the interview.

What they offered me is 3% and I told her is that the best you guys can do and I was told yes. That the job is listed for $5K less than what I make but that they were will to go up for me. I will be at that in 6mths when I get my raise and I will have a full year to get all of my bonus verses if I jump ship. With the new company only being there 6mths, most likely won't get a full raise or bonus.

I really thought they'd offer more! Like 10! I'm not desperate or looking for a job. I was recommended by someone who worked with me at my current place of employment. Oh, and they aren't offering the flex schedule that I have come to love. Half day Fridays! Once you have that you are spoiled. I schedule my Dr appts, run errands, take a nap, etc!

I'm going to have to turn down the offer.

DD1 Got A Job!

June 27th, 2013 at 02:27 pm

DD1 has her first job! Dog walking. How exciting!

Our subdivision has a resident that set up and maintains a Facebook page. At the pool the other day someone suggested that I join.

A lady posted that she had fallen down the stairs and needs for someone to walk her puppy. Turns out she lives about 7 houses down from me. She is an english school teacher. It won't last a long time because this lady will heal and they are also selling thier house. They are not moving far at all and if my daughter does a great job then she might need for for pet sitting at some point.

DD1 is excited! She starts on Monday and will walk the dog at 7pm. This works out well because DD1 usually goes to the gym to exercise. Why not get your exercise in and get paid? Sounds good to me. She is such an animal lover she'd do it for free. The lady asked about money and my daughter told her "I'm just here because I love animals, you can decide that". How sweet so on by Monday I'm sure the lady will look up the going rate and decide pay. She will be walking the dog Mon-Thurs. YAY!

Interview Yesterday

June 27th, 2013 at 06:13 am

I had an interview yesterday. It was for an Office Manager position for another midstream oil and gas company here in downtown Houston.

The interview went really well! I met with 4 people. There are only 5 people in this office. It is a satellite office. The company started in 2010 and has had 22 aquisitions within 3 years. They have 690 employees in 47 states. They just moved the Houston office to this new location they were originally two buildings away and they have been in the new location for two weeks now. The office has new equipment and futniture. The folks that I met with seemed very pleasant. We'll see if they make an offer!

I'm feeling really good that I have had two interviews this year from ex employees that moved to new companies and value my work so much that they think of me to bring on board!

I treated myself to a small starbucks frap.