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Bracing for the storm

August 25th, 2017 at 06:23 am

I made it in to work today and brought DD2. She's busy watching Hannah Montana on her phone while crocheting. We will only be here until 10:45.

I'm am ready to go home, put on my stretchy pants and hibernate. We have all supplies we need except for a battery powered radio. I have a ton of books to read and movies to watch.

My roof was repaired on Thursday. Since it is 16yrs old and the last time it rained I had a very small leak the size of a quarter but no water actually came down from the ceiling it just bubbled. They came out and did some touch ups and said the roof should be good for another 5 years. The repair guy told me it will be around $7K so now I know the number to save for.

I had my garage repaired yesterday. The chain came off and the rollers and springs needed replacing with some other things. I added a keypad to the outside which is really nice and they added a lock to my other garage door that has a broken handle on the outside. They don't repair the handle but that door is the one that is opened to take out the trash cans and I park on the other side.

I am so impressed with the companies. I found them on Angie's List and both had a worker at my door in less than 24hours after placing my call and the work done was great. Those reviews really help!

Now on to my neighborhood.

The subdivision is located between a watershed (the bayou or drainage channel) on the north side and the levee on the south side. The Barker Reservoir land borders the eastern side of the community.

Keep in mind that when designing Canyon Gate, the engineers made it so if the subdivision SHOULD flood, the streets are considered part of the drainage system would flood before the homes (which are elevated) do. All streets flow to Canyon Gate Blvd. and then to Mason Road to funnel water away.

Here is a YouTube video taken last year.