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Travel Costs (NYC & Fredricksburg, TX)

August 13th, 2012 at 10:49 am

One of my goals was to go with Daughter#1 to NYC. Turns out she went with family. This is really a win/win for me cheapeast trip I'll ever pay for. I gave her $100 spending money and my mom gave her $30. She's with my dad, sister and my 11yr old niece. She is having a blast. I am enjoying the Facebook pictures. This morning she was in China Town. I have been to NYC twice so my feelings are not hurt but my moms were. She has a meeting with the school district and couldn't make the trip. Spur of the moment this weekend I took my mom and Daughter#2 to Fredricksburg, TX. Total cost of trip was $271. That included hotel, gas, food and spending money. I got a few goodies (Circle E candle, bluebonnet seeds and a mix of milk chocolate, white chocolate and cinnamon pecans). We had a blast!

1 Responses to “Travel Costs (NYC & Fredricksburg, TX)”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Sounds like a good compromise! Not only do you have insurance that your DD1 is traveling with trusted family, but it leads to a financial break as well... glad that you were able to enjoy a trip, too.

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