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Weight Watchers Update

October 24th, 2012 at 11:45 am

I need to share. This week I dropped .6lbs. YAY for me!

First week lost 2.2
Second week stayed the same
Third week lost .06
Total 2.8

Which means I need to lose 2.2 pounds to get a 5 pound star! This week it's on like Donkey Kong!! No joke. I really want to lose 5 pounds before Thanksgiving.

Eight people (including me) from my job are doing the WW program. If we do 12 weeks of it and attend atleast 9 of those meetings then we will get reimbursed at 100%. I'm going to try to also have them do it for Jan-March 2013. Just imagine I could be swimsuit ready by next summer ...I am a dreamer!

Anyhoot - I also want to be the first from my company to get a weight loss star.

Goals to drop 2.2 in a week
1)Track everything
2)Drink water
3)Get in some activity (walking or cleaning)
4)Plan my meals out for the week
5)Do not use my Bonus Points

Checking In

October 23rd, 2012 at 11:35 am

It's been awhile since I have last posted.
My daughter and I had a great time in NYC it's nice to be back home.

I met with my financial advisor on Friday. I'm glad I did because now I'm refocused on my game plan ahead. I started to slack off with my spending.

The 401K that I have with my work has made 16.35% personal rate of return for the past year. My job matches 6% fully vested and I get 1% of my income in profit sharing.

I had opened a Roth IRA through Sharebuilder then let it sit (need to close that!). So, on Friday I opened one with my financial advisor. I'm super excited! I will be depositing $200/mth into that account. I will need to save $2600 as I can to try and max that out for 2013.

I'm on my way. Feeling good.