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Weekend Update

June 30th, 2014 at 10:55 am

Friday I was off of work and DD1 and I went to the OBGYN for check ups. Yearly routine. Had lunch with my mother and we went to the pool after.

Saturday I went to my primary Dr for a yearly physical and blood work. After looking at my stats she said that I need to lose weight and should shoot for 130 as my goal. Yikes!

After, I took DD2 to HEB so she could feed the machine with Buddy Bucks, then we went to the library and stopped by CFA to have lunch.

Later that evening we went to my nieces 2nd birthday party. I'm getting the impression that my sister will have parties every year for both kids.

Sunday was a relaxing day. I went to the grocery store while the girls were at the pool. Then we went to the $2 movies and saw Divergent. It was a good movie.

I managed to work out once over the weekend to a 3 FAST miles DVD by Leslie Sansone. I really liked the dvd!

Meals for the week will be slimfast w/fruit for breakfast. Salads and veggie/fruit/nut snack packs. Dinner is salmon, ham and beans, chili, spaghetti and left overs.

Today's to do list

June 26th, 2014 at 01:56 pm

I had a relaxing evening last night. Yesterday no money spent. I finished one of the library books my mom gave me to read and this morning I finished an audio book.

The neighbor did not call me to pick up the Wii games and being in my comfy clothes and tired I didn't call either. This evening I'll see if she's still interested. That's $15!

Another neighbor commented my Clifford the red dog collection with a friends name so they could see it. That's a good sign.

I'm not getting any hits on Craigslist with postings.

Today's to list..

1) I cashed in Swagbucks rewards both yesterday and today for $20 Amazon.

2) I walked over to Hallmark with a $2 free coupon from a coworker and picked up a 7 small boxes of junior mints and ended up pay .37oop. I ate one Smile

3) I've got my Yahoo email down to 1098. Slowly I'm cleaning it out.

4) Drink 64oz of water (not 85oz)

5) 10K steps on pedometer

6) Read

7) Go over DD1's budget with her. She received a check yesterday from Subway $200 and one from CFA today $167.41. Total $367.41. It might be time to talk about cell phone service. Right now she uses wifi on an iphone.

Today's to do list or lack there of

June 25th, 2014 at 07:42 am

Have you heard the saying "early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise"? I just heard that recently! I've always been an early bird. This morning both DD1 and I were up at 4am getting ready for work. She had to be at CFA (Chick Fil A) at 5am. They asked her to stay late again today. Probably til 3pm or 4pm but they didn't give her an exact time just yet. She had her break at 8am.

I think they are asking her to stay because the store just opened last week and a lot of the new hires have quit. They are still working out the schedule and the trainees that were flown in are going home gradually. Another thing, I think DD1 is doing a great job!

I put pork ribs in the crock pot with bbq sauce. We will have that for dinner with corn on the cob and split a baked potato. I brought another salad and snack pack for lunch today. Saving money and not eating our or eating the junk that is here in the office. I told you there is Twinkies and Hostess cupcakes right?

My to do list today..
1) Meet Kathy (neighbor) who wants to pick up the 4 wii games for $15.
2) Light a candle and lay on the sofa with a pillow and blanket and read. I have several of my own library books and my mom gave me two from her library that are due soon.
3) Take a relaxing bubble bath and play some soft music on my iphone Pandora.
4) Go to bed early.
5) Drink 85oz of water.

That's all I have for today. Pretty simple!

Never lose your keys again

June 24th, 2014 at 10:24 am


Todays to do list

June 24th, 2014 at 09:47 am

For Tuesday...

1)Entered Coke Rewards that I got from 12pks here at work that I found in the trash.
Need 254pts to be able to get the AMC movie reward.
Which is 2 movie tickets and 2 drinks.
2)Drop/pick up library books (on way to gym).
3)Read 4 chapters of my library book.
4)Drink 85oz of water.
5)Track food for today and enter dinner for last night.
6)Walk 3 miles on treadmill w/DD1.
7)Restorative yoga tonight 8:30pm at gym w/DD1.
8)Adjust budget for this Friday payday.
9)Physical appearance today-I’m wearing a dress.

I had a great evening last night other than there was a dead armadillo in the street by my drive way!

DD1 and I both arrived home at the same time. She worked an hour later because they were short staffed. Her feet hurt pretty badly. She will be buying some insoles for her work shoes. Chick Fil A is pretty particular in what they wear. She had to take out her earrings because they are not pearls. She also had to tuck her bangs in under her hat. With her short hair cut she thinks she looks like a boy. Adding pearl earrings to her list of things to get as well.

She went to return the neighbor’s house key and get paid.
The agreement was $40 plus extra for watering their plants. She got $55! That was very generous of them. She watched the dog Thursday evening thru Monday morning. The dog bowl had mold in it so she went ahead and cleaned it and gave the dog a bath.

Last night we went for a walk to the front of the neighborhood and back two miles. Then had dinner and after we watched a movie. I really enjoy the one on one time with her.

We both were up today at 4:30am getting ready for work. Today catered lunch is being brought in at work. It’s Mexican! I’m going to stick to my salad and snack pack and only get one slice of a veggie quesadilla and some guacamole.

Oh! DD1 quit her second job at Subway. She felt that she wasn’t being treated fairly. The manager had her doing things as soon as she walked in and ten minutes had passed before she got a chance to clock in. During her shift the manager and the manager’s bff were working. They had her cut onions, clean the lobby, take out the trash and clean the restrooms. Dominos pizza is next door brought over a cancelled pizza. She said that they didn’t offer her any at the time and they ate the pizza. She went to her lunch box and was going to eat what she brought and the manager told her to do the dishes then she can eat. So she did. Then, they offered her two squares. The pizza wasn’t cut like a pie and she said that was all that was left so she ate it! They speak another language and she feels like they talk about her but she really enjoys working with the guys for the evening shift. We talked and she decided that the two jobs was just too much at this time and that not feeling comfortable wasn’t worth it.

Today's to do list and weekly menu

June 23rd, 2014 at 10:51 am

My to do list for today is..
1)Post items to sell
2)Shot record to community college for DD1
3)Make class selection with DD1
4)10K steps on my fit bit
5)Read 2 chapters of my library book
6)Paint nails and toes
7)Drink 85oz of water
8)Look at classes offered at craft stores for adults
9)Think about improving physical appearance (maybe tomorrow curl hair)
10)Look into church singles programs

*I already have a buyer for 4 Wii games that I listed. I first listed my items on the neighborhood garage sale page. I'm selling all 4 games for $15. YAY!

Menu this week is..

Breakfast-Slim Fast smoothie w/fruit, cereal and pancakes for the weekend.
Lunches-Salad or pbj sandwich w/fruit and veggies
Dinner-Talapia, salmon, bbq pork ribs, chili and corn bread and ham and beans

Picture of my salad and snack pack from Kroger. I got this in the produce section. $3.99 for salad and $1.99 for snack pack. $6 twice a week is fine by me! The other 3 days are sandwiches. My menu is pretty much for the week. Sundays we have dinner with family.

My New Entertainment - The Gym!

June 12th, 2014 at 11:11 am

Yesterday was a no spend day and a great one at that!

I am feeling super pumped with reading the posts on SA about ppl losing weight and working out.

After work yesterday I went straight from my 1.5hr commute to the gym and DD1 met me there. We went for yoga.

When the yoga class was over I saw people lined up for Zumba. So I thought, hey why not? Well, the music started and then I couldn't keep up with the moves and it was just plain fun!

My plan was to wake up at 4am to be at the gym at 5:15am. That didn't happen. I've got my gym bag I the car and after work I'm going for abs/core, body pump and zumba! Should be a good solid two hours of moving and sweating.

I did spend some money today. I didn't want my workout last night to be all for nothing. I bought a Evergreen juice this morning. It looked nasty and had kale in it. Has to be good for me right? It wasn't bad at ALL! It had cucumber, kale and lemon in it. For lunch, I had a Chick Fil A market salad. I've had a banana and apple too and I'm drinking my water.

I'm going to keep this up because right now I'm feeling great!

The gym is my new entertainment. Every week day after work I plan on being there unless I make it in the morning. There are several group classes that I want to take advantage of.

DD1 Graduation/New Jobs/Update

June 10th, 2014 at 08:48 am

My daughter is entering a new season of life. I am very excited for her! On Saturday we had her graduation party at Pinot’s Palette. Then on Sunday was her graduation. After graduation we took her to her favorite restaurant.

She currently has two jobs. She started working at Subway about three weeks ago. They are paid every two weeks so tomorrow she will get her first paycheck. Her other job is at Chick Fil A. It is a brand new facility that is being built. Her uniform cost $52. They are particular on hair, makeup and dress code. She starts her training there this week. One thing that is pretty cool is on Monday night they are hosting a new employee appreciation dinner. The employee is allowed to bring a spouse or parent. My daughter is taking me. It will give us a chance to meet the other employees, their families and the franchise owners and their family as well. When she interviewed she told them that she’d like as many hours as they’d give her so the owner told her that he’d try to work her 40hrs. Once her hours pick up there then she will quit Subway. Subway is paying minimum wage at $7.25 and Chick Fil A is paying $7.50. She was told at Chick Fil A that she will have reviews and an opportunity for increases. I really like the fact that they work their people hard, hold them to a high standard of ethics and let me not forget every Sunday off!

Since we have so much left over junk food from the graduation party I’ve been trying to get rid of it. Yesterday I took two boxes of donuts to homeless people. When I got home I sent DD2 over to the neighbors house with cupcakes. Then later I got a text from the neighbor asking if DD1 would be avail to feed, water and let out their dog while they are on vacation for four days. She said that they would pay $10/day.

She currently has $463 saved and has the goal of $500 for her Emergency Fund. After watching the neighbors dog then she will reach that goal. Tomorrow I will be sitting with her to set up a budget .
Very excited stuff going on!

Oh update on DD2’s Dad. He is leaving tomorrow to Brazil for the World Cup. It is a dream of his to be able to go. I can’t complain. He has over paid her college account and has over paid his child support. He has been very involved with DD2 and has helped me out with things around the house. We have been getting along great.

I have made an appointment for the girls and I to get passports. I’m looking into planning a trip!