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Playing with retirement numbers

August 17th, 2015 at 01:43 pm

Kiplinger Calculator

Retirement Savings Calculator

Here is an estimate of how much you need to save initially each month to match your retirement nest-egg goal. You will need to increase your savings
in future years to keep pace with inflation. The results below assume 3% annual inflation and 2% annual home appreciation.

Annual Retirement Income In Future Dollars:


Annual Social Security and Pension Benefits:


Nest-Egg Goal:


Projected Future Value of Current Savings:


How Much You Should Be Saving Each Month:

This amount includes how much you are already
saving plus any employer match


I took a look at Chris Hogan's R:IQ and I plugged in $50K as an estimate for what I have saved. Plugged in retirement age of 63 and that I'd like to live on $5K/mth.

Here's what I got.
Your R:IQ is:

What you need to
invest monthly:
Without adding anything else, your current retirement investments should be worth:
Here’s how much you need to save to reach your R:IQ:

It sure looks like a lot.