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Last and only debt THE HOUSE will be under $100K as of March 1st!

February 26th, 2015 at 12:03 pm

I am thrilled! Super thrilled!

I have been debt free for sometime but since my house is on auto pay I don't log in to see the balance. Yesterday I was listening to an audio book on my drive into the office and got fired up.

I logged in to see that my balance is $103,078.

After my March payment and an additional $3K I will owe $99,248. I am going to put any extra that I can towards this final debt.

I was projecting that I could pay $16500 this year. $27960 for 2016 & 2017 then have it paid off in 2018 before I turn 40 in December!!

After that happens. I will do some updating and repairs to the house then go on a nice vacation as a treat then MAX OUT my retirement accounts! I can't wait for this to happen. Smile

It's been awhile..

February 24th, 2015 at 11:45 am

Just a little jibber jabber!

I looked on KBB yesterday to see what my suv's value is and was shocked to see that it is $6700. It seems like just yesterday it was $13K. I need new tires and I'm debating on getting just regular average ones that would run me $500 or get ones like I have Michelins (sp?) $100. I need back brakes $300 and my heater and ac still does not work. I priced it before and they told me $2500 but still didn't know what the real cost would be until once they got in there. I just don't want to put into my car more than what it is valued. I'm also at $140K miles and its an '07. I think for now I will just replace and fix things. I am the only owner.

I started my taxes but I didn't finished them. I can't claim DD1 because she's over 17 and has an income of over $3950/yr. Even though I pay the mortgage, food, lights, etc. I can't claim her. That leaves me with her school expenses. She isn't enrolled in a college per se. She is enrolled in a program with a life coach, degree plan manager and other things. She tests out of classes at the local community college or testing center. She earned 21 credits in just 4 months. She's rockin' it! She will be finishing her freshman year early. Back to the school expenses, since she isnt' enrolled full time I don't know what all I can claim and since I can't claim her TurboTax said that she can claim the school expenses that I paid on her taxes. Both her and I are paying her college but I'm going thru the money I saved first before she uses hers. I'll have to do more research.

The good news is we leave in 14 days to Italy for Spring Break! It's going to be so much fun. This will be our first time traveling out of the country together.

The flight is going to be crazy. We fly from IAH-NWK then take a overnight flight to Milan and the hotel is 3+ hrs drive. See what I mean, crazy!

We are working on packing our bags and having things ready in advance because I'm sure there will be last minute scrambling.

Earlier I was thinking about the child support. In July we are up for renewal and the max has increased. My lawyer will charge $2500. Not sure if I want to jump on that yet or not. But - I was thinking because I monitor my account waiting on it and here we are Feb and it is not in my account that I will just change the routing # and have it go to one of my other accounts and not my checking. That way I don't spend it on an unexpected bill or expense and it just collects throughout the year and at the end of the year I can deposit some towards her college account and the rest towards my very last debt - the HOUSE!!