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New watch and purse findings

June 11th, 2015 at 12:02 pm

For my 5yr anniversary at work, I picked out a Bulova watch. I received it yesterday and it is just as nice as it looked in the catalog. I had planned to wear it today and forgot.

I also received a post to a garden bed that I am building. Over the weekend while assembling the post broke. I am surprised at how fast they shipped it.

Digging through my purse looking for a USB I found a few things listed below that I put in there but forgot about and I'm glad that they haven't expired!

-$2 CVS ECB's
-$10 JCPenny
-Kroger catalina for a bx of free tampons
-$20 Kohl's cash + 15% off coupon

I hope to get a few clothing pieces from Kohls and JCP.

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