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Weight Watchers Week 1 Results

July 2nd, 2015 at 10:34 am

I recently joined Weight Watchers. I felt that it was needed. I have been so tired lately. Even to the point where I am winded going up and down the stairs. Having a desk job, not exercising or watching what I eat have all contributed.

For week 1, I am down 4.2lbs which is great! Next week I hope to get my 5 POUND STAR!

Changes that I have made, I've been tracking and watching what I eat, drinking a ton of water, eating plenty of fruit and veggies. This weekend I will start exercising regularly to speed up the process and get to feeling better.

I enjoy the meetings and the group leader, its a group that I know and the location is so convenient being just over by the food court here at work.

Last week I used my extra points that I am allotted but I am going to try to not use the 'allowance' and just stick to the daily target points!

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