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Weekend Overview

September 28th, 2015 at 08:13 am

Friday - I took off of work since I only work 4hrs to take DD2 to the Dr for her yearly check up. She is 52lbs and 4'2". The Dr said she is within the 20th percentile for her age group. She is on tract to be 5'2" when she is an adult. I thought that was a neat tidbit of information! She passed her hearing and eyesight test. She had a mark on her forehead where a kid at the YMCA wacked her with a dustpan on accident. She also had two very badly bruised knees where she slipped on water in the school bathroom. The Dr told me that because she is petite and double jointed to be careful and not let coaches make her put too much pressure on her joints. Her arm she can pop her elbow in and out if that makes sense. She's just a cute tiny thing. After I was already to the freeway she left 'Bamboo' her favorite stuffed animal at the Dr's office. I had to turn back around. Dr visit was covered under preventative under my insurance and free.

Later that evening I took her to a school fundraising function. They were playing the movie Epic in the school cafetieria/gym. Adults bring lawn chairs and kids come dressed in their pj's and they bring pillows and blankets. Then spread out on the floor with their friends and enjoy a nice evening. There was pizza available for $2/slice and soda for $.50/can. Candy/cookies and popcorn were 5 Boxtops.
I spent $10 on a pizza and took the left overs home for DD1.

Saturday - I cleaned house! I'm still not done. There is always more! I sold 4 items on the neighborhood FB page and made $20. DD2 and I also went to two libraries that are close by and one was having a sale. DD2 got a Wizard of Waverly Place movie, Judy Moody and the No Bummer Summer movie and a Judy Moody book. Total was $2.50 and they threw in a Harry Potter special effects DVD for free since the movie was missing.

The girls went to my parents Saturday night they wanted to take DD1 to dinner for her birthday. I stayed back knowing that they would want to spend the night. DD2 came back home with SMENCILS aka the new thing for kids smelly pencils.

Sunday - I had the day to myself. I went for an hour walk. It was nice outside but hot after I got to walking. I'm trying to improve my health so that I wont need to be on medication in the future or have a hard time when I am older. I am already pre diabetic and need to lose weight. I went to the grocery store and spent about $70. I walked around Target and picked up pretzels that I forgot to get earlier for DD2's science class project they are going to have this week. Spent $3 on a large bag. Then I watched the Netflix series Zoo which is pretty good. James Patterson book (I think).

Great deal I scored - I bought 2 packs of 36 double rolls of toilet paper for $10 and received a $5 gift card.

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  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Movie night at the school sounds like a lot of fun!

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