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Lovely Weekend

May 12th, 2014 at 10:26 am

I had a three day weekend.

Friday, I was off for DD2's 8th birthday. I took the girls to have donuts then off to school they went. I spent the majority of the day walking around stores like a zombie not buying anything except for earrings. It's funny. When I'm off of work and the kids are gone I don't know what to do with myself.

When they got home from school we went and had dinner then home to watch a movie.

Saturday was the birthday party at the roller rink. The children had a blast. After we (mom, sister and her kids, me and the girls) all to dinner for Mother's Day. I really enjoyed dinner. We had such a nice time. The kids behaved very well.

Sunday we went to Target for DD2 to spend her bday money. She picked out a book and a What Ever After High doll.

I got my mom a magic bullet dessert machine. She didn't want to venture out so I didn't see her but my stepdad who came over to hang up curtain rods for me was able to take it back for her. She spent her day reading a book and finished it might I add. LOL!

The girls were so sweet to me bringing me breakfast in bed. They gave me a massage and handmade cards. It was a very nice weekend.

I spent $60 at the grocery store yesterday buying salads and snack packs at Kroger for lunches this week. We have enough food to eat from the pantry for the week and I've already made a menu. We really need to eat the veggies in the crisper drawer!

I was selected to be apart of the $5 Dinner menu plan beta program. Basically I get a weekly menu with grocery list for 6 months. Pretty sweet deal! I love Erin Chase. I've got 2 of her cook books and they are my fav! Since I have my menu planned for this week I am going to lag a week behind and use this list for next week's meals. I'm so excited and looking forward to someone else doing the work and trying to meals. I tend to stick to what I'm used to.

1 Responses to “Lovely Weekend”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Sounds like some good happenings!

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