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Today's to do list and weekly menu

June 23rd, 2014 at 10:51 am

My to do list for today is..
1)Post items to sell
2)Shot record to community college for DD1
3)Make class selection with DD1
4)10K steps on my fit bit
5)Read 2 chapters of my library book
6)Paint nails and toes
7)Drink 85oz of water
8)Look at classes offered at craft stores for adults
9)Think about improving physical appearance (maybe tomorrow curl hair)
10)Look into church singles programs

*I already have a buyer for 4 Wii games that I listed. I first listed my items on the neighborhood garage sale page. I'm selling all 4 games for $15. YAY!

Menu this week is..

Breakfast-Slim Fast smoothie w/fruit, cereal and pancakes for the weekend.
Lunches-Salad or pbj sandwich w/fruit and veggies
Dinner-Talapia, salmon, bbq pork ribs, chili and corn bread and ham and beans

Picture of my salad and snack pack from Kroger. I got this in the produce section. $3.99 for salad and $1.99 for snack pack. $6 twice a week is fine by me! The other 3 days are sandwiches. My menu is pretty much for the week. Sundays we have dinner with family.

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