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Farmers Market Run

September 17th, 2014 at 12:01 pm

Today was the first day of the City of Houston bringing back the Farmers Market at City Hall. YAY!
It was my first time going to this farmers market. I've had it on my calendar and have been counting the days. I have meat at home but need veggies!

I work on the other side of downtown from this location but they have a bus to use that services the downtown area for free during business hours in the work week. Part of Go Green Houston initiative. I walked over there then used the bus to return back to work.

There were only a few tents and only one that had a good selection of veggies. Others had homemade candy, nuts and bread. There were about 6 food trucks there and pop up tents with vendors selling food.

Since I was meeting an ex co worker and he was being 'good' so I decided not to get food to eat in front of him.

We had a nice time chatting and walking around. It was good to get out of the office.

I had a budget of $34 and ended up paying $6 for the vegan cream cheese pumpkin loaf and $23 for the veggies. I got okra, squash, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and potatoes. Total spent $29 with $5 bucks to spare!

On the way back the strap to my bag broke. Next time I will have to take my moms small grocery cart if she still has it.

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